Portable Multi-Purpose Alarm


Sensitive Motion Alert
*Use at home, in the basement, for the garage doors to detect any movement with PIR motion sensor
*Alert or alarm sound with flashing light will be triggered to signal any entry / exit of the premises Smart Night Light
*Use in the dark for vision guidance when you move around
*Remain silent when used for the night light function Intelligent Water Alarm
*Use in the laundry room, bathroom or kitchen to detect leaks & flooding
*Alarm sound will be triggered when water level exceeds limits Multi-purpose Door Alarm
*Use for any doors to signal the door opening with an alert sound
*Alarm sound for any unauthorized exit / entry to premises to deter intruders Super Bright Torch Light
*Use as a torch light when traveling





Working Temp: -0℃~40℃ Storage Temp: -10℃~50℃